Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm taking a class!

A friend of mine up in Huntington Beach knows more about jewelry classes/goings on in San Diego than I do! She sent me information on classes at the local community college by some well known jewelry artists. As soon as I saw them I knew it was time to take more classes. I signed up for a jewelry fabrication class with Connie Fox. The fee is very reasonable and I'm having a blast. The first week we drilled holes in metal - LOL! - reviewed what all we would be doing and started thinking about a design project. Last week I had great fun sawing and filing brass. I've already got some earring designs in mind. Hopefully I can make them this weekend after I pick up my tools. I could take pictures of my pieces of cut brass and show them - but that wouldn't have been too exciting so I'll wait until I have something a little more interesting. Now if you live in San Diego and want to take some classes just check out the San Diego Community College website and look for jewelry making classes.

Next week we get to solder!


Karen K. said...

I recently discovered Connie's site and saw that she offered classes. Of course I found out too late and all the classes are full. Let me know how you like the class. :-)

Susan said...

Hi Karen! I sent you a convo on Etsy about the class. It was fun and I'm going to try some of the others at the community college.



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