Friday, May 9, 2008

Featured ETSY artist #43 - AdrienneN

AdrienneN is an Etsy store created by two - a mother (Charlotte)/daughter (Adrienne) team. They have a variety of embroidered items (bags, tshirts, onesies, tutus, ...) and jewelry. When I saw the tutus in their shop they brought me back to my kindergarten days when I was learning ballet which means recitals and tutus!! My mom has pics of me in my tutu - I look like I'm hamming it up for the camera and boy did my mom use a LOT of makeup. Now, back to the regular programming ... Isn't this pink and black one cute! And, of course, you can get it customized for your little princess!

For the beachgoers out there here is a wonderful, customizable beach towel. I have to say I just LOVE to look at cute flip/flops! I don't know why - probably because they're just so cute! If you like geckos you can get a surfing gecko embroidered on the tool instead! It is so cute too! They even provide you with a choice of fonts so you can customize your towel to the Nth degree! You can see many other wonderful, and customizable, items in AdrienneN so go check out their shop! If you want to know more about what Adrienne and Charlotte have in mind for their designs then be sure to read their blog.

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